The Pier By Cathay Pacific

June 6, 2016

The last couple weeks have taken me from Manila to Hong Kong to London to Brussels then back to Manila then to Hong Kong to Paris. The hustle is real!

I was invited by the lovely people from Cathay Pacific to experience The Pier – Cathay Pacific’s Business Class lounge at Gate 63 of the Hong Kong International Airport and let me tell you: cancelled or delayed flights are no problem if I’m at The Pier. Heck, even if I’m stuck at the Hong Kong International Airport since it’s one of my fave airports! Scroll down to see (and believe!).

I was welcomed by the Food Hall upon entering. They have just about anything you can imagine eating post-flight. From tapas to pastries to hot and chilled food, name it, they have it.





Pâtisserie realness! Want some bread and pastries? Paired with their coffee, it’s the perfect combo.



The sweet stuff: tarts, pies, fruits, and cheeses.



Just the best noms.


Aside from its good coffee and sweet treats, the bespoke design of the Coffee Cart made it truly a sensory experience as the design took inspiration from traditional Asian street food carts. Smell? Check. Sight? Check. And taste? Multiple checks! It’s street food cart, elevated to chic levels.




Difficult decisions had to be made at The Bar as they offer an extensive range of spirits, wines, and cocktails. So. Much. Choices!



Pick your poison.





Cozy spots like these are scattered around The Bar’s area.


Dubbed as “the slow lane”, visitors can unwind in spacious areas where they can find a quiet space to sit or work. I find this perfect for the usuals: reading a glossy or adding stories for my Snapchat LOL!



So much chill zones at The Pier. The attention to detail is impeccable as the airline’s brand pillars – contemporary Asian, heartfelt warmth, considered simplicity, and the joy of discovery – is evident.



View from the other side: never-ending lounge options.



As if things couldn’t get any better, designer furniture and lighting have been carefully selected for their practicality and comfort. Love!



With Ilse Crawford of StudioIlse, designer of the furniture in the lounge.


Next stop is the Noodle Bar aka my favorite bar! A popular dining option among the guests, this is essential for when you’re craving for some warm soup, Asian-style noodles, dumplings, and buns. As for me, I had Dandanmian (or Dan Dan noodles) since I miss (and absolutely looove) eating Asian food.





Dimsum and then some at the Noodle Bar


Spill the T over at The Pier’s Tea House, but keep the noise at bay. Visitors are presented with an interactive tea menu, giving them an opportunity to see and smell the teas before they choose. The tea specialist will also recommend different types of tea according to the visitors’ preferences. Tea time, anyone?





Distinctly Chinese: the green ceramic tiles give the Tea House a calming and relaxing feel.


I was instantly drawn into using the shower rooms as soon as I saw how perfectly stocked the shower rooms were. I might have not brought my beloved Aesop products but The Pier’s shower rooms has all that and more.





Only the best: each room is stocked with the best products for visitors to enjoy their vanities in.


With an array of options that offers something fresh each time, The Pier at Cathay Pacific just might be the solution to our constant jet setting woes. The Pier, you just get it.



Cathay Pacific’s The Pier is located at Level 6, Terminal 1, near Gate 63 at the Hong Kong International Airport.



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